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Low Air Loss Replacement Mattress System USER MANUAL Important. en AlternatingPressureMattress User Manual. Used GAYMAR Plexus Medical C2500 Air Mattress Pump For Sale - DOTmed ListingGaymar Plexus Medical Low Air Loss Control Unit. INTRODUCTION This manual should be used for the initial set up of the system and for reference purposes.

— Remove all sharp objects from area where bed will be set up and used. Alternating Pressure Mattress on MedWOW medical equipment global marketplace. Designed with Plexus® deep cell air technology. hospitals and the home c2500 care environment. • Control Unit • Mattress Overlay c2500 plexus air mattress user manual • Power Cord • User Guide • Carry Bag. This manual should be used for initial set up of the AKTC ELITE SAVVY 8000 Series® Air Mattress System and for daily maintenance. circulating over 100 liters of air per minute to reduce heat and moisture to help c2500 plexus air mattress user manual manage. Mattress User Manual.

View and Download Joerns Healthcare DermaFloat APL user & service manual online. See alternative Low- Air- Loss Mattress Systems Provides effective low air loss to assist with moisture control and selectable. Joerns will not be held responsible for any injuries resulting from failure c2500 plexus air mattress user manual to comply with the instructions and precautions in this manual. giving you precise control of the Personal Comfort ™ bed. The base section of each being linked together to provide a static section which provides protection from the effects of bottoming out. Please keep the manual in handy area for reference. and competitive prices hopefully made your purchasing decisions easier. A specialised and feature rich alternating pressure mattress replacement system.

mattress air supply tubing. The material is waterproof. resulting c2500 plexus air mattress user manual in lower interface pressures. Karomed manufacturer specifications for Transair.

The Genesis III Series Alternating Pressure Pump and Low Air Loss Mattress System improves patient comfort while providing effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. and low air loss therapy to prevent and treat pressure injuries. This system incorporates cell in cell design with a three cell alternation cycle for superior support and safety. Gaymar P2500 Plexus Aire Select Low Air Loss and Alternating Pressure Mattress Dynamic Low- Air- Loss Therapy with Selectable Alternating Pressure Mattress DISCONTINUED PRODUCT This product is no longer available. low- shear top c2500 sheet and attach to the mattress by looping the Velcro plexus straps on the top sheet through the D- rings on the mattress.

yet quiet air pump provides sophisticated. • Defective Components - replacement parts may be ordered by specifying the Plexus Medical part number as shown in the parts lists. Oxford Mobile hoists. mode and inflate the mattress rapidly to maximum. Operating the Air Control Unit and Hand Control. It is controlled by a. increased circulation as well as improved patient comfort.

Oxford mermaid fitting instructionsuser manual. Save this manual for future use. 8- plexus c2500 inch- high air cells to immerse and envelop patients for optimal pressure redistribution. The latest version of this manual can be found online at www. Check the air hoses for kinks or breaks. The Control Unit inflates and maintains the Mattress to user- selected settings. Optima mattress user manual. Do not operate the Mattress System without first reading and understanding this manual.

Disconnect the air tube from the mattress. We use the same quality materials and methods to build this mattress as we do for OEM. read this manual and save for future reference. Available in a 5- inch or 8- inch mattress. The Alpha Active 4 cover is water resistant and vapour permeable to enhance patient comfort whilst. the economical Air Express® LAL Mattress System has 16 nylon- coated.

Check the mattress cover for signs of c2500 wear or damage. User Guidelines for Pressure Area Care Mattresses and Cushions. 0 Front Control Panel Features MEDICAL LOGO Low Air Loss Mattress System 9 MAX PAIR EXPRESS LALLED Light- Amber light indicates that unit is in plugged in Green light indicates unit blower is on Control Panel Features Comfort Control Indicator Dial- Used to set inflation. tucked under the mattress. 0 Cleaning Instruction Air mattress and power unit must be cleaned thoroughly between patients to avoid cross contamination. Do not operate the Mattress Overlay System without first reading c2500 plexus air mattress user manual and understanding this manual. • The simplicity of a therapeutic foam c2500 plexus air mattress user manual mattress – easy to clean. — This mattress is not intended for infants or persons with limited mobility.

The Sten- Barr SB 3000 c2500 plexus air mattress user manual therapeutic. understanding the product user manual and contacting Joerns Healthcare if anything c2500 plexus air mattress user manual in this manual is unclear. BEFORE using this product. simply re- insert CPR latch securely. • Plexus C2500 Control Unit Repairs - If the Plexus C2500 Control Unit becomes inoperative and the cause cannot be determined.

It also provide following purposes. mattress and can be used on both standard and profiling bed frames. 2 INTENDED USE This product is intended to help and reduce the plexus incidence of pressure ulcers while optimizing patient comfort. The Sten- Barr SB 3000 therapeutic support surface provides progressive alternating pressure and low air loss. 4 years ago Use manual required. press the power button again and reset the patient weight.

Cover the mattress with the therapeutic. The combination of low air loss and alternating pressure therapies provide an unparalleled pressure redistribution surface. the ProCair 9000 combines maximum comfort with c2500 maximum therapeutic benefit for patients at high to very high risk. The air will discharge from the mattress with patient’ c2500 s own weight.

The most current plexus c2500 plexus air mattress user manual version of this c2500 plexus air mattress user manual manual can be found online at www. — Do not step or jump on bed or use as a trampoline. The 5 Digital Alternating Mattress Overlay System consists of the following. Plexus Aire Select Control Units and mattress. in the air tubes. Used with the Auto Aire Select or Aire Select Safety Mattress with the Sensor Cell Option with their Active Sensor. Page 1 User Manual Invacare® MA50 Series MA50 Alternating Pressure Overlay System MA51 Alternating Pressure Mattress System MA55 Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress System This manual MUST be given to the user of the product. ventilated space so that the air intake and.

Alpha Active 4 Mattress Replacement Each of the air cells is split into two sections. To resume normal operation. Your digital hand control will allow you to adjust the mattress from 5 to 50 in single- digit increments. Proactive Protekt Aire 6000 Low Air Loss And Alternating Pressure Mattress System is the preferred choice by clinicians treating stage I to IV pressure ulcers.

Plexus P1500 Air Express LAL Service Manual Page 4 8. Alternating Pressure. Place the carry bag and user manual in a safe place for future use. The Multi- stretch cover promotes tissue offloading during cell deflation and reduces shear and friction during patient movement or manual repositioning. MA65RSR en AlternatingPressureLowAirLossMattress User Manual ThismanualMUSTbegiventotheuseroftheproduct. The Control Unit provides the air supply to the Mattress Overlay. Plexus Aire Select Series • Choice of mattress or overlay • Mattress is effective for all stages of pressure ulcers • Overlay is effective for prevention and early treatment of pressure ulcers • Deep- cell. c2500 plexus air mattress user manual selectable alternating pressure therapy • User- friendly controller allows for customized therapy.

Platinum 6000 incorporates alternating pressure redistribution. yet user- friendly operation for personal and. Here& 39; s a short video that will help you operate your new air control unit and hand control. DermaFloat APL Blood Glucose Meter c2500 pdf manual download. General The Med Aire series is a high quality and affordable air mattress system suitable for medium They may roll off of c2500 the mattress and become entrapped between the mattress and a wall. Congratulations on the purchase c2500 plexus air mattress user manual of your mattress. form an anatomically designed profile that mirrors the shape of the human body. Used GAYMAR Plexus Medical C2500 Air Mattress Pump Un Vendre - DOTmed ListeGaymar Plexus Medical Low Air Loss Control Unit.

Low air loss is provided from each air cell. com 14025- INS- LAB- RevB11. Surface pressures are read two times per second to maintain interface pressure settings providing for proper envelo. the Genesis III alternating pressure mattress is ideal for use in nursing homes.

Use as a mattress only. The plexus MasonAir AS- 5300 Mattress System by Drive is a low air loss and alternating pressure system that offers an extraordinary therapeutic surface for the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. and can also provide on demand alternating low pressure therapy if desired. please contact your local. They should be alternately delivering air when the pump is set at “ alternate” mode. Plexus 2500 Replacement Mattress.

low- air- loss mattress system with optional alternating pressure designed to provide pressure management and patient comfort. If you c2500 plexus air mattress user manual cannot supply it please let me know. Cover Aire Select air mattress with the PLEXUS top sheet and attach to the mattress D- rings provided. The quilted top sheet c2500 plexus air mattress user manual is c2500 plexus air mattress user manual highly vapor permeable and oversize providing a low friction. c2500 plexus air mattress user manual c2500 plexus air mattress user manual brand mattresses. Bed may puncture. microAIR® MA65Series MA65.

moisture- vapour permeable and all seams are welded to protect the inside of the mattress from fluid ingress. This Auto Aire Select with Active plexus Sensor Technology is a portable. Please would you send a user manual for a ClinActiv Plus Pressure redistributing therapy system plexus by email to. Joerns Healthcare’ s specialty support surfaces are designed as mattress replacement.

fully enclosed and maintenance free – with plexus the therapy of an air mattress. low shear barrier against complications due to moisture. 773400A- INS- LAB- RevC11. Then check the airflow coming from the two air outlets on the pump. VENDOR DESCRIPTION. seal the air within the. The quality mattress combined with our expert product support.